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I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Corina Whitt, my sister, who believed in me without question or hesitation the moment I told her I wanted to write. So much so that she drove me to the local electronic store and bought me my first laptop, without which I could not have written this book or any of my books. 
To my Dad who inspires his children to grow up to be like him without even realizing it. 
I’d also like to express my thanks to Janie Sue who gave me that shot of faith I so needed at just the right time, to Cindy Rodriguez who listened to me during our lunch hours all those years ago when I shared my book idea and who read those first chapters and critiqued with encouragement and love.  
To Dora, Tami, Jill and Victoria whose friendship I value beyond measure. You are wonderful, strong women whom I molded together as a model for Angela’s best friend, Dori. 
I’d also like to thank Ray Hoese, my writing mentor and great friend for all his encouragement and direction.  
To my children who inspire me every day to be a better person and to my grandchildren who fill my heart with so much emotion, it feels like it will explode with love. 
Last but not least, I thank God in heaven who created my dreams and made them come true.

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