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Welcome to my website. As a professional author, I aim to create a better understanding of the world and our place in it — a mission which has cast me in many different roles: author, artist, and creative innovator. Read some of my work below.


Back To Yesterday

September 26, 2017

I am extremely proud and honored to share my latest page turner with you.


Angela had out of body experiences as a child and the memories of those occurrences never left her. Finally, decades later, she decides to get hypnosis to see if they were real. Not only does she discover she's a bonum-an equalizer to keep balance of good and evil in the world, she learns she had two previous lives and dies mysterious deaths. She also learns the man who she recently fell in love with could be her soul mate and hold the answers to her previous deaths if she can get him under hypnosis. 

The book can be purchased on Amazon and iTunes






New Year, New Goals

February 2, 2019

It's the second day of the second month. So far, so good.  I had an incredibly hard year last year and so glad it's over. With God's help I was able t...

Going Live!

September 24, 2017

10 famous authors on their favorite books

August 15, 2016

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